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One mans quest to change the way we die


This is an extraordinary and beautifully written interview with B.J Miller a doctor and triple amputee and how he used his own experience  to pioneer a new model of palliative care at the Zen hopsice in San Fransisco.
By Jon Mooallem in the NY Times.

Not that kind of love


Greg Wise talks about the death of his sister and amongst other aspects of dealing with his sisters death he mentions the language we use to describe death. It is important that we describe death as death and not use euphemism's like  they passed, slipped away or lost them. They died.

We need to talk about death


Fantastic series on BBC radio 4 with presenter Joan Bakewell. She is joined by guests exploring the choices open to us and confronting the questions we fear the most about death and dying.

Dying is not as bad as you think


Palliative care doctor and author of the book 'With The End In Mind -Dying,Death and Wisdom in an age of denial (the book that everyone should read)  talks about what happens at the time of death

Nice review in the guardian of the book 'My Fathers Wake - How the Irish teach us how to live, love & die'.

" In communally accepting death into our lives through the Irish wake we are all able to relearn the first and oldest lessons of humanity. How to be brave in irreversible sorrow. How to reach out to the dying, the dead and the bereaved. How to go on living no matter how great the rupture or loss. How to face your own"

What the Irish teach us