#06 Manifesting The Life You Want - Michele Knight

Michele is a Psychic, astrologer, broadcaster and a Sunday Times best selling author. Previously she was the resident astrologer for the UK’s ‘This Morning’ primetime morning TV and ‘The X factor Xtra' and has had a constant presence in the media over the last 20 years. She is a hugely successful business woman who has built an incredible presence in the wellbeing industry, empowering people to be their authentic self and transform their lives. Encountering sexual abuse and neglect at a young age, she used her own self belief, ancient learning and spiritual path to heal herself and create the life that she wanted, with gratitude and love.

In this episode we talk about:

- Finding our soul purpose

- The mystery of death

- Harnessing our own power and changing our self beliefs

- Manifesting what we want by looking at our thoughts and energy

- How we are all connected

- The law of attraction

- Grabbing ideas when they come

- Astrology as a soul map

- Tuning into our intuition

Episode References

Elizabeth Gilbert’s book ‘Big Magic’

Nick Cave ‘ Red hand files’ No.55

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#05 Marie Mitchell - How Death Led to a Brand Celebrating Community

In this episode we meet Marie Mitchell Co-founder of the ‘Island Social Club’ which provides a a space to celebrate caribbean culture through food, drink and social events. Marie’s older brother Richard died 10 years ago and we talk about her journey from when he died to how she found love again for herself, her family and finding purpose, setting up a business based around her love of food and community.

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#02 Sam Rudd - Dealing with the Loss of a Parent as a Child

A difficult topic to discuss. Doing Death talks to our friend - creative producer Sam Rudd about the death of a parent as experienced as both a young child and later herself as a parent. She talks about the suicide of her mum age 5 followed by her father’s death when she was a teenager. More recently she describes the death of her partner and the father of her three boys from a drugs overdose.

We discuss what she learnt from her parents death and how she has dealt with the aftermath of her partner’s death. Her focus has been supporting her children in a way that their lives would not be defined by their fathers death in a negative way.

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